Wireless Headphones With Internal Memory – Our TOP 5

Together with wireless headphones with internal memory, improvements in tech remind us that headphones are not necessarily accessories.

Sure, you can use them with your notebook, smartphone, TV, PC, mp3 players, along with your own transistor radio.

But headphones have become so complex these days that they can be the music player device as well.

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Memory Slot

It’s not that these wireless headphones with internal memory have to have their own hard disk.

Rather, they usually have a slot in which you can then place into a micro-SD or TF (Trans-Flash) card in which you’ve stored your digital music files.

This is great for when you are biking or jogging when you don’t need to get bothered by a smartphone beside you.

With water-resistant wireless headphones with internal memory, you can also listen to music while enjoying a dip in the pool or even a spa.

You really don’t want your smartphone to get wet!

How Many Songs Can You Play?

Typically, you should be able to play 4 hours of music whenever you have your wireless headphones with internal memory.

However, the number of songs you can play is determined by 2 factors:

  • The Period of the songs you like to listen to
  • The structure used for your own digital music files

3 Possible Formats

What type of formats would you have for your music files?


When you look over the memory requirements of a music CD, you might find that the song takes up about 10 MB for every moment.

Yes, don’t be surprised that each CD sound file takes up possibly 40 MB.

That means in this arrangement (such as”.wav”), you only have a couple of songs in your music library on the micro-SD card.

But you have crystal-clear music.

Lossless Compressed

This is a distinctive method of compressing the data, without sacrificing any info.

That is, you’re able get that clear music without taking up as much memory space.

You may be able to decrease the size to half that of the uncompressed music file.

So today you consume 5 MB for every minute of the song.

Lossy Compression

This time, you really lower the size of the memory utilization, but you also lower the particulars of the music.

Usually, this document is from the mp3 format, even though you may choose to try more effective formats such as the AAC codec.

Rough Guideline

Now You Know how the structure affects your memory use, here’s a general guideline on how much music you get for these different formats:

  • Lossless. About 8 hours of music per gigabyte.
  • MP3 at 128 kbps. About 16 hours of music per gigabyte.
  • AAC at 192 kbps. 12 hours of music per gigabyte.

Songs to Include for Your Workout Music.

If you are thinking about adding some tunes that will accompany your workout while listening to a wearable mp3 player, try these classic tunes:

1. “Motivation,” Normani. With its catchy rhythm that actually motivates one to maneuver, this functions as a fun song for a great deal of dance.

2. “Till I Collapse,” Eminem. Do you tend to give up too easily when you are working out? This Eminem song is a pep talk masquerading as a pop hit. When Eminem informs you that”you gotta find your inner strength”, you obey.

3. “Con Altura,” Rosalía and J Balvin feat. El Guincho. This tune includes a lot of attitudes, and it’s great once you’re leveling up on your workout.

4. “Eye of the Tiger, “Survivor. No, this tune is not just for boomers. It’s for everybody –that is why it’s a classic.

5. “POWER,” Kanye West. This is a truly motivational anthem out of 2010. It’s long been a workout fave, with its handclapping conquer and yells ala-cheerleaders.

6. “Don’t Start Now,” Dua Lipa. Besides being an ode for liberty, its beats certain are great for a workout. It’s like a disco but in a good way.

7. “Vossi Bop,” Stormzy. It offers a terrific sense of fun, with great rhyme delivery and beats that are unforgettable.

8. “Dance Monkey,” Tones and I. That chorus sure is tricky, and it’s great for both dancing parties and workouts.

9. “La Romana,” Bad Bunny effort. El Alfa. Man, this is truly intense. You better be ready if you workout with this song playing.

10. “Wake Me Up,” Avicii. Another classic that just will not fade, this tune is enthralling and very compelling.

Wireless Headphones with Internal Memory: Top 5 Reviews

All these headphones have slots for micro-SD or TF cards.

It’s up to you as to what size you get for all these cards.

Obviously, simply incorporating a slot for your micro-SD card is not sufficient to get a pair of headphones with this list.

Every one of those recommended wireless headphones with internal memory possesses other features that really make them worth your while (and your money).

1. PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Wireless Headphones With Internal Memory

“Good Music with Great Look”

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The surprising popularity of these now-iconic Beats headphones highlighted the fact that lots of individuals respect headphones as fashion accessories.

PowerLocus takes that into consideration, as you get 10 striking color combinations available here, all with intriguing geometric designs to liven up the look.

Music Sources

Besides this micro-SD/TF card, this also includes a built-in radio too.

You truly don’t want to use this though, because the absence of a successful antenna means that you get quite a little static with the radio.

You are better off using the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 option, as it is extremely fast and stable.

Don’t be concerned about taking calls when you use this with your smartphone since the headphone comes with a microphone too.

The mic has special noise reduction tech, which means that you are able to talk without the microphone picking up the noise of the traffic.

Bluetooth/Wired Options

You can use this with almost any Bluetooth device, or you may use a Bluetooth transmitter to use this with your TV as well.

There is also the wired alternative, which is great if you are using the smartphone beside you and you’re just relaxing on the sofa.

Long Battery Life

The battery time here is quite enormous.

A complete fee for the rechargeable battery provides you about 15 hours of listening to music (and about the exact same time for speaking on the telephone ).

What is more, obtaining a full charge won’t need the entire night.

You are able to get this full charge after only 2.5 hours.

Of course, if you’re going the wired route with the AUX cable with your smartphone, you can listen to music the whole day.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is decent, and that’s good enough for most people.

In fact, if you are playing mp3 files, then the audio here will be terrific enough for your purposes.

Pros & Cons

  • Terrific color combo options
  • Comfy to use
  • Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connections
  • Great enough sound
  • 15 hours of music per charge
  • Fast charging
  • Very affordable
  • Radio does not come with clear reception
  • Rather awkward control placements
  • Sound escapes to outside

2. MKay Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

best Wireless Headphones With Internal Memory

“Fashionable Accessory with Good Music”

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In addition, this is another very affordable choice, and you still get 6 color options to choose from.

It’s annoying though, I got the gold color (it paired the rose gold dress watch that I had been wearing at the time).

MKay has given this as a colour choice for women.

That is why it also came with a fairly feminine pink carrying case.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed this quite a great deal, particularly with the price it came with.

We checked, and it also has that slot to get your own micro-SD or TF card with a capacity of up to 32 GB of music.

Lots of Music Time

It may be infuriating if you have 32 GB of music however your battery won’t play for a long time.

That is not true here, as a complete charge of the battery provides you up to 18 hours of music time.

Which also provides you 25 hours of total talk time.

Additionally, it doesn’t take too long to find another complete charge, as it requires just 2.5 hours to recharge completely.


This comes with an over-ear design, and putting on the headphones immediately cuts down on the ambient noise to set the mood to the music.

It does help that it uses nicely soft cushions and padding.

The cushions are even oval-shaped, which are usually more comfortable over the ears compared to designs using small curved shapes or heart shapes.

We found it comfortable to wear when we were wearing our eyeglasses.

There’s no issue with this Bluetooth link, as it uses the V5.0 variant for rapid transmissions and excellent stability.

Connecting via Bluetooth is super easy, and you reconnect automatically if you ever go past the 10-meter range.

Audio Quality

If you are using the normal mp3 format, then the audio is terrific.

The bass is particularly amazing when you’re playing dance music which works well with your workouts.

Pros & Cons

  • Nice assortment of color options
  • Great sound
  • Total charge after 2.5 hours
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Pink carrying case (a drawback for some men)
  • No active noise-canceling attribute
  • Earpieces are a bit stiff

3. iJoy Matte Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Over-Ear Headphones with Mic

“Great for Workouts and Commutes”

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We travelled with another super-affordable model.

Why spend a hundred dollars when you don’t have to?

That is, in actuality, the most economical among the wireless headphones with internal memory on our list.

But you would not understand it with all the exceptional features you get for the money.

Bright Colors

We travelled together with the light blue colour, which iJoy calls its Avatar model.

Without mentioning the cute names used for the colors, let us just say you might also go with blue, lime, pink, violet, rose orange, gold, and black.

Great Fit Even for Workouts

This uses the typical soft memory-protein earmuffs that settle smoothly on your ears.

The earcups are also flexible to provide you with the best fit, and the headband is padded and flexible also.

With the snug pad, you can actually use this and not be concerned even when you’re working out or jogging.

It is not as in the event that you have wires to be concerned about.

One of those guys even tried wearing this while skiing, and there were no issues.

The headset is lightweight, and the pressure doesn’t squish your ears.

Good Sound

This comes with the usual controller on the earcups, and it features an equalizer.

The bass is particularly nice since it is often the issue with different headphones (especially earbuds).

The music comes across sharp, loud, and clear.

Likewise, when employing this to take part in a telephone conversation (it has a mic), there is no static matter.

They’re even quite noise-canceling, as the inane conversations of strangers around you’re muted to some much more tolerable degree.

The radio works well, as we tried listening to some sports broadcast with this.


This uses Bluetooth 4.1, which isn’t all that awful.

Together with the 250mAH battery, this is not actually for whole-day use, either.

But for most people, the 6-hour playback time (or talk time) is greater than enough.

When you take a break from the earphones, you can simply recharge it.

It just takes two hours to get a complete charge.

Pros & Cons

  • Clear sound with great bass
  • Requires only 2 hours to completely recharge
  • Bright color options
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Offers perfect match with lightweight construct
  • Just 6 hours of playback
  • Mic Isn’t clear

4. BluedioT2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

“For All-Day Music”

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Low price? Check.


Radio and built-in mic?

So, what is great here?


Again, we’ve got vivid color options out there.

Apart from the all-white and all-black options, you might also go with bright blue and bright red.

These things are not all that subtle when it comes to their looks.

Great Sound

Many of the less expensive headphones simply use 40mm drivers, which provides you fairly good audio.

But what if you’re playing clearer formats rather than mp3?

In that case, you are going to prefer the 57mm drivers within this Bluedio.

Their engineers really worked for 2 years to create the new drivers to really offer you that clear sound you need with the amazing bass.

If you’re a bass enthusiast, you really want to get this.

Music Time

This may provide you a lot of music playback time, so much so you don’t even have to recharge the headset daily.

That is because a complete charge gives you up to 40 hours of music.

That is one of the advantages of utilizing Bluetooth 4.1 because it doesn’t really use as much capacity to keep your wireless connection.

It is also possible to connect to two devices simultaneously (such as your smartphone and notebook ).

You can quickly switch the apparatus whenever you want and not need to fiddle with the headphones.

Nice Fit

This includes faux leather and memory foam so that the cushion conforms to the contour of the ears nicely.

The designers also focused on constructing this with an ergonomic layout.

Just don’t abuse the device, as it’s super-tough.

You may not even want to sleep while wearing this, particularly if you normally toss and turn.

Pros & Cons

  • Good looks
  • Very affordable
  • Nice match
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Insanely extended playback time (40 hours)
  • Great sound with bass that is impressive
  • Some Might want to tone down the bass
  • Not exactly tough build
  • Mic only works in the wireless style

5. Heypower Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

“Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones”

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Okay, this is definitely the most expensive of the wireless headphones with internal memory on our list.

But it’s still inexpensive.

Additionally, you don’t even require a micro-SD card.

This actually comes with 8GB of built-in memory, which can be enough for 24 hours of music even when using lossless compression.

The sound is quite good, with a great bass thump as well.

Safe for Outdoor Use

You can use this for running, biking, or perhaps if driving, because it’s super-safe.

It doesn’t have any noise-canceling function, because it doesn’t also cover your ear canal.

That is the beauty of the bone conduction design, and also the absence of noise cancelation is a fantastic thing when you’re on the road.

Like that, you can still hear things around you, like the joys of speeding automobiles.

You can use this for running, biking, or even if driving, because it’s super-safe.

It doesn’t have any noise-canceling function, because it doesn’t even cover your ear canal.

That’s the great thing about the bone conduction layout, and also the lack of noise cancelation is a fantastic thing when you’re on the street.

That way, you may still hear stuff around you, like the rumble of speeding cars.

IPX8 Rating

Many good headphones are sweat-resistant, and a few can even withstand rain.

But this is essentially watertight using its IPX8 rating, and you may also use this while doggie paddling in your swimming pool.

It is possible to use this while relaxing in the sauna or steam room also.

For this, moisture is not a problem in any way.

6 Yours of Playing Time

Which might be insufficient for long flights halfway across the world.

But that’s sufficient for many workouts and commutes.

Additionally you only need 2 hours to completely recharge.

Pros & Cons

  • Usable Whilst swimming
  • Safe for street workouts
  • Very comfortable and secure fit while actively moving
  • Does not Require a micro-SD card
  • Does not cause any pain to your ears due to bone conduction
  • Comes off if lap swimming
  • No noise-canceling feature
  • No forward or reverse function within the song

Conclusion on the Best Wireless Headphones with Internal Memory

Yes, when it comes to earphones you do need to check the typical factors: durability, looks, comfort, sound quality, and playing time.

However, for some of us, in addition, it is crucial that they’re either wireless headphones with internal memory, or else they have a slot for your own micro-SD card.

That’s because many of us have recognized that sometimes, having your smartphone for music all the time may be a real pain.

It isn’t exactly convenient once you’re exercising, or sitting near a pool, either within a sauna or lounging in your spa.

In these examples, you want to just enjoy your music without wires or your smartphone in the manner.

That’s what you get when you proceed with the very best wireless headphones with internal memory.

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