Extra Long Computer Desk – 5 TOP Picks

An extra-long computer desk is a worthy investment for anybody who needs ample home office space to receive their jobs done.

With a perfect setup, you can’t only have space on your computer, but also have room for other monitors and on-paper operate also.

Different options can be found with a variety of different attributes, like highly engineered metal bases or specially finished surface coatings.

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The right one for you depends upon what you need and how much space you’ve got.

We’ve put together a list of great rectangular and L-shaped options to get you started.

Our TOP 5 Extra Long Computer Desk!

1. Tribesigns Large Modern Computer Desk 63 Inches

Extra Long Computer Desk

“900 Pound Capacity Rectangular Desk”

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That is an extra-long computer desk option that is available in black or with a solid wood surface such as teak and walnut substance solid wood options.

It is a rather affordable extra long computer desk which could function as a laptop table and a bit of fundamental office furniture.

This really is an ideal desk to buy with your credit card if you’re searching for a reasonable option that has a huge weight capacity.

It may hold up to 900 pounds and contains a super sturdy construction that is easy to build in under 15 minutes.

Stable Desk

This extra long desk is designed with metal legs and flexible leg pads attached to the metal frame.

Which makes the substance solid and stable even if you’re putting the extra long computer desk on uneven ground.


They provide you enough surface storage space to get a corner computer, monitor, printer, newspapers, books, and other store office activities.

The underneath leg distance is very long, so it is ideal for tall office chairs and any accent chair crafted for those who have long legs.

You can also use it as a desk for a two-person option by utilizing each half of the surface as a dual workstation.

The desk weighs just 48 pounds, along the 900-pound capacity means it can hold whatever you’d typically keep on your bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinets.

Powder Coated Steel

This extra long computer desk is designed with a powder coat on the steel alloy slides, while the triangular technology makes the surface very lasting and stable.

Actually, the surface of the extra long computer desk may hold up to 900 pounds.

That is even more than you’ll usually find at a desk with file cabinet.

Some Assembly Required

The design does need some assembly, but it’s even easier to assemble than many floor lamps or flush mounts.

All you’ve got to do is install the four legs and both leg bars, which can be screwed in with a hex key.

The whole installation process takes less than 15 minutes, and it can be significantly less than using the vast majority of desks with file booth designs.

Because of the stability of the design, you can even assemble the extra long computer desk on outside rugs without needing any issues from the surface.

The Downsides

You will simply need to keep in mind that the desk doesn’t have any shelving space or storage dividers.

So that it’s not the best for those who need a more coordinated design.

Additionally, it does not have any grommets on the surface, which might make setting up your electronics a little difficult.

18 Month Warranty

Every purchase includes an 18 month guarantee.

When the desk rests or has any manufacturer’s defects, you can get a repair or a replacement free of charge.

Pros & Cons

  • Holds around 900 Pounds
  • Tons of legroom
  • Sleek powder coated finish
  • Comparatively little surface space
  • No storage drawers
  • No shelving

2. Monarch Specialties Left or Right Facing Computer Desk 70 Inches

Extra Long Computer Desk 2021

“Stylish and Versatile with Storage”

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This seventy-inch extra long computer desk is a Lshape desk with a reversible Lshape that could face either on the left or to the right.

The materials and design are imported from overseas and feature a sleek, modern setup that combines function and endurance.

It has considerably more storage space than many other options without forfeiting legroom.

This is an extra-long computer desk alternative that’s great for anybody looking for a flexible corner desk using a massive amount of surface space.

The correspondence submitting drawer and two standard-sized storage drawers will also be ideal for people who want to keep coordinated without having everything observable constantly.

One potential drawback is that there is not any shelving included, however, this does allow you to have more legroom and maneuverability.

Multiple Colors

It’s available in several different colors and finishes such as cherry, grey, white cement, and dark taupe.

Regardless of what color you choose, the wood finish provides your office space a contemporary and contemporary appearance while still sticking to fundamental technology.

The Construction

The metal legs have a U shape which enables them to reliably hold more weight up.

Moreover, the extra thick paneling on the surface allows you to store many heavy objects.

The metal frame is designed to be as discreet as possible.

So you may readily stretch out and move from surface to surface in a rolling office chair.

There is a lot of surface space to place your printer, laptop, papers, java, writing materials, and some other accessories you’ve got.

Storage Options

Two standard-sized drawers are incorporated into the design, which you may use for holding your documents, office equipment, and other significant items.

There is also a filing drawer that permits you to arrange your standard and legal documents in a manner that leaves them readily accessible.

You even have the versatile option to set the cabinets and drawers upward on either side of the desk.

That means you can optimize the design to best fit your aesthetic and organizational requirements.

Every one of the drawers is mounted on metal glides which enable you to open them easily.

Versatile Use

Since the design can be configured facing left or right, you have more options on how best to fit it into your office corner workspace.

This makes it a fantastic option for people who need ample surface space but have a rather small office, flat, studio, or condominium.

You are able to use the desk for assistance with your studies or for doing executive projects for your small business or larger corporate occupation.

Pros & Cons

  • Lshape with ample surface space
  • Wide legroom
  • Configurable design
  • Reversible setup for different spaces
  • Somewhat expensive
  • No shelving space
  • Assembly is somewhat complex

3. Office by Kathy Ireland Method 72W Table Desk

best Extra Long Computer Desk

“Sturdy Minimalist Rectangular Design”

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This is a really simple table desk design that looks like a folding table but has the durability of a desk.

This is a good alternative if you’re searching for a desk that functions as a work desk for your creative space than an organizational instrument.

Howeverit doesn’t come with any shelves, shelves, or grommets for a digital setup.

Additionally, the design’s adjustable legs permit you to stabilize it even when you are working on irregular surfaces.


The desk is available in five neutral-toned colors such as white, cocoa, century walnut, organic walnut, and storm grey.

Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, you can discover a finish that matches your other furniture and interior decor.

The mid-century modern styling offers a modern style for any creative workspace, loft, home office, or business startup.

As a result of this finished back, you can flexibly place the desk anywhere in the area.

Sizes Available

The longest option is your 72W sizing.

But should you need something a bit less broad, you may even get a 60W alternative with the same basic structure.

Sturdy and Durable

The work surface is stronger than most competitors on the current market, boasting a thermally fused laminate coating that’s resistant to damage and buckling.

Meanwhile, the metal base has a titanium finish and geometric engineering which enables it to hold additional items with greater overall stability.

The surface has been treated using a scratch-resistant coating also has been tested and proven to hold up to 200 pounds.

The advantage banding is impact-resistant so the edges do not wear down or cause damage when they are pushed to the walls.

The building materials are primarily engineered timber, which will be a renewable product that’s more environmentally friendly than conventional wood.

Lots of Naked Space

The design saves space by not having a lot of complicated drawers or organizational tools, which means it’s possible to integrate it into lots of different workplaces.

You can also spread out by putting your computer and paperwork onto an identical surface.

Can Add Keyboard Tray

You receive a lot of space to maneuver your seat back and on or stretch your legs.

If you acquire a computer tray or already have one, you can integrate it to the right, left, or center position.

Which makes this a very versatile desk for setting up your electronics.

There are also a multitude of different layout options and configurations if you buy additional add-ons, although the original desk design is very basic.

Adjustable Levelers Contained

In the bottom of the legs, you’ll come across adjustable levelers.

You can use them to lift or reduce the desk or to stabilize it in an irregular surface.

Six Year Warranty

Every desk buy comes with a six-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can get a fix or replacement should anything go wrong with the structure.

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible legs for improved stability
  • A Lot of legroom
  • The design could be placed anywhere
  • Perhaps not the Maximum weight capacity
  • No grommets for electronics

4. Coleshome L Shaped Home Office Desk with Round Corner

top Extra Long Computer Desk

“Rounded Corner L-Shape Desk”

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This is a reversible Lshape desk option that will attract folks who desire a sleek, contemporary design for their electronics and home office function.

You can select which side to set the long and short surface places on, or so the desk can be configured to meet your requirements.

Just be aware that there aren’t any drawers, and the shelving space is constrained.

It is an affordable option that’s available in three different colors: white, black, and African walnut.


This L-shaped desk option has a configuration specifically setup for electronic equipment.

Which makes it perfect for gamers and those with large working from home setups.

The installation has a large monitor stand and is designed to be used as a PC table .

The beveled corner can help you have more surface space to work with, as opposed to traditional corner desk options.

It may be used for a variety of purposes such as electronic work and on-paper writing functions.

Leveling Studs Included

There are also adjustable leveling studs included with the design.

That means you could continue to keep the surface secure even when you’re working on irregular floor space.

Materials Used

The framework is made with thick metallic parts that have extra metallic brackets added for stability.

The desktop surface is crafted of medium-density fiberboard which is a material that is anti-scratch, waterproof, and super simple to wash.

The frame itself is made from heavy duty powder coated steel, allowing for increased durability and stability to hold heavy parcels.

Reversible Design

This is a reversible design, which means that you may select which sides the long and short surfaces are around when you build it.

Which makes it effortless to place in limited storage space without having to perform complicated mental configurations prior to making your purchase.

There is a good deal of legroom beneath, and you’re able to incorporate storage components, although the desk doesn’t have its own storage included.

Pros & Cons

  • Great for electronics setups
  • A Lot of legroom
  • Long and short surfaces
  • Flexible leg peaks
  • No storage drawers included
  • No keyboard tray included
  • Somewhat complex assembly

5. Little Tree Computer Desk with Storage Shelves 47 Inches

Extra Long Computer Desk

“2-Piece Desk and Shelf”

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This really is one of the briefer desk options.

However, it also has the maximum storage space of almost any choice on the listing, so it is great if you require a great deal of organizational space.

The desk is 47 inches, but there is also an arch corner shelf that’s 23 inches long and will extend your total desk length to 70 inches.

This is a good alternative if you would like a 2-in-1 pair of computer desks and shelves.

Just bear in mind that the desk surface is one of the shorter ones on the list, especially when it’s not combined with the further shelf.

Different Storage Options

As well as the surface, in addition, there are two shelves around the arch shelf which can hold books, papers, or other organizational materials.

Another side of the desk has space for holding your hard disk and other crucial electronics equipment.

Different Configurations

As it’s a combination 2-piece desk design, there are a number of different configurations that you can use.

Due to the 2-piece construction, it’s highly compact, if you have to take the pieces apart and use them in different parts of the room.

You are able to maximize your available workspace by mixing or mixing the two elements.

About the Construction

The particle board surface of the desk is 25 millimeters thick.

It also has strong edge technology that does not wear down or be damaged when pushed against the walls.

The frame also utilizes a solid metallic tube and also a powder-coated end that prevents corroding, allowing the desk to survive longer and work better.

Easy Assembly

There’s some assembly required, however, it does tend to be simple, so you don’t have to get a complicated toolbox or electric drill.

You can assemble the desk and shelving from the box by following the included instruction manual, and all the essential tools are also part of this kit.

Warranty and Customer Services

Each purchase includes an eighteen-month warranty that will allow you to acquire a replacement or repair should you encounter any issues.

Customer service is also available to assist you with any issues you may have.

Pros & Cons

  • Arch shelving with ample space
  • Shelves for electronic equipment
  • Sleek, sturdy surface
  • Powder-coated metal frame
  • Relatively Simple assembly
  • Short desk space
  • Relatively small surface area
  • No drawers comprised

Final Thoughts About Extra Long Computer Desk Options

You’ll need to think about a number of factors when choosing the perfect desk for you.

Make sure that you take careful note of how much space you’ve got for your furniture.

Other concerns include how much weight you need the design to maintain, and just how much organization you’ll need for your space.

So long as you’re conscious of what you’re searching for, there’s an extra-long computer desk in the list which is ideal for you.

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