Different Types Of Calculators – Our TOP 5 Picks

Exactly how many different types of calculators are out there?

If you think about it, there are lots of different calculator types to select from.

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The incorrect type of calculator, on the other hand, will be useless for particular kinds of tasks.

Everything you need to do is find the right type, and this manual will help.

Different Types of Calculators

Let’s Look at a Few of the different types of calculators Which You Can find today:

Fundamental (General Purpose) Calculators

This really is a compact model with an LCD screen showing a line for figures.

The display can show up 8 to 12 digits, based on the calculator model.

They’re great for basic mathematical calculations, and for many household or office chores.

A unique type of fundamental calculator functions as an adding machine, which functions really well with business functions.

This kind of calculator may offer specialized functions, such as computing prices, profits, and taxes, and performing currency conversions.

These calculators may offer special buttons, such as large keys for”+” and”=”, and may offer the”00″ (double-zero) button as well.

Scientific Calculators

That is exactly what you pick among the different calculator types for those who need more advanced math subjects.

Having this type of calculator, you may have the ability to tackle issues such as geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus.

The more advanced models offer sophisticated functions like hexadecimal calculations, fractions, and Boolean math.

Their screens can be better too, with multiple lines and equations shown like the way they appear in textbooks.

Graphing Calculators

This type of calculator is very similar to a scientific calculator using their innovative mathematical functions.

But the screen can plot the graphs resulting out of your equations and these calculators are generally mini computers, and some are programmable.

They’ve fast CPUs so that they can perform calculations and show graphics quickly.

These calculators may even join with smart phones and desktop PCs for added capabilities.

Select this one of the different calculator types if you are an engineer or studying certain math subjects.

Just make sure that you consult with your teacher if you are using this for an examination, as some courses may not permit its use.

Printing Calculators

This is similar to the simple type of calculator which could assist with business math functions.

The most important distinction here is that this calculator may print out your equations, figures, and results.

This can then print out your payroll time, profit margins, as well as receipts.

Lots of small businesses are able to make use of this sort of calculator.

Online Calculators

All these are the different types of calculator that you can locate on the Web that assist people in various manners.

For example, you might discover online financial calculators that can help you figure out your auto loan or loan.

Then there are wellness calculators that can calculate your body mass index given your weight and height.

A calorie calculator can help you find out how many calories you need to eat so that you may keep a proper weight or lose weight.

You will find calculators which may pinpoint if a pregnant woman will give birth.


This is the most ancient of those different calculator types.

This is really a mechanical apparatus, and not too popular in most Western countries.

However, it’s often used in certain parts of the planet, particularly in Asia.

The device is made out of a bamboo framework, with beads sliding along the wires in the middle of the framework.

Selecting the Right Type of Calculator: Factors to Think about


Deciding what you need the calculator for will help you pick one of the different types of calculators.

Should you need to add costs for groceries and other household math jobs, then a fundamental calculator is going to do just fine.

A business calculator is much better if you have a little business, as the distinctive functions for taxes and prices will make the job a lot easier.

Get a printing calculator to get work if you’re able to, as then you are able to use the printouts to your documents or for receipts.


Calculators of the identical type may offer different functions, depending on the model you are looking at.

Go with all the different calculator types with features that can help with your work.

Just keep in mind you don’t want to pay for features you don’t really use.

The most basic requirement to your calculator screen is that it ought to be easy to read.

For business calculators, you need an angled display with large digits.

This can let you can easily confirm the figures on screen.

You might want to consider a screen that can offer more digits.

Check for commas (along with the digits) to help you recognize tens of thousands and countless quickly.

Screen for Scientific Calculators

For scientific calculators, search for a screen that can provide several lines at the same time.

This will permit you to find the mathematics problem and the response at the exact same moment.

Additionally, it helps a lot if the math symbols and equations should appear on screen exactly the exact same manner as they do in your textbook.

For graphing calculators, you might want a high heeled display that can offer several colors.

That way, you’re better able to differentiate the different graphs.

Some calculators even offer you different graphing styles as well.

Some of the different types of calculator are basically miniature computers, as they’re in a position to handle complicated equations and graphs.

The faster the CPU of the calculator, the quicker it will display replies and charts on your screen.


Whatever you choose among the different types of calculators, they ought to be easy to use.

Buttons needs to be large enough for your fingers, so you don’t have to worry about pressing 2 keys at once or pressing the wrong key.

Those issues will only slow you down, and may even give you wrong answers.

Search for different colours for special keys that will help you find them more quickly.

Check that the keys you are inclined to use more frequently (including the”+” key in a business calculator) should be larger.

Look for special buttons too, like the double-zero key in business calculators.


Some different types of calculators are very mobile so that you may bring them along with you wherever you go.

Others are bigger and heavier, but that’s usually because they give a great deal of functions that can’t fit in a larger calculator.

In general, school calculators are pocket-sized however, the business calculators are bigger and intended for desk work.

Power Choices

Most calculators nowadays are battery-operated.

It’s just picking between utilizing rechargeable batteries or rechargeable built-in batteries.

Just check for how long the batteries will last until you need to recharge or replace them.

Some calculators are stainless-steel, but the battery should still function as backup.

The bigger calculators might be powered by an AC adapter, but battery backup is still fine for work on the move.


Obviously, you want your calculator to run for a long time without breaking down.

You need to check customer reviews to find out whether there are too many complaints about how a calculator breaks down too fast.

On the other hand, in addition, there are some calculators that can go on even in the event that you lose them.


Many calculators nowadays are downright cheap, so cost isn’t actually much of a factor.

The basic rule is that the more features you buy, the more you cover.

That’s why you need the right features one of different types of calculators, so you get exactly what you need with what you spend.

Just don’t presume that the more expensive models are always better!

Our Top 5 Product Reviews!

Now that you are conscious of the various characteristics of the different types of calculators, you will finally have a fair idea about what to buy.

But that version one of different types of calculators if you pick?
You can do yourself a huge favor by beginning your search with these excellent versions:

1. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Engineering/Scientific Calculator

“Great Calculator for School Math”

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That is a great calculator that many students have praised, and that is not just because of the affordable price.

It may be inexpensive compared to other different types of calculator, but no one explains its caliber as”cheap”.

In many ways, it is an improvement from the TI-84 Plus CE.

Many say that it is the finest non graphing calculator because of its budget.

4-Line Screen

The screen offers several lines of display, which is useful as it could then show you accurate equations.

That’s, your equations look like they do in your textbooks.

The 4-line screen (with up to 16 characters each) additionally permits you to see several calculations at the same moment.

Assortment of Functions

For this, you can choose any of the several modes available, like degrees and radians.

This can be used to solve numerical, polynomial, and linear system equations.

For real functions, it could find the numerical derivative and integrals.

For this, you can solve quadratic equations and equation systems with up to 3 variables, with no need for matrix functions.

Fundamentally, this is a calculator which could do everything a graphing calculator can do, except do charts.

Highly Compact and Lightweight

This is quite lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around.

It measures 6.1 by 3.2 inches, which fits in well in a shirt pocket.

Additionally, it measures only 8/10 of a inch thick.

It just weighs 4 ounces too.

Comprises a Protective Twist Hard Cover

This has a protective slip tough cover included to help with potential problems should you drop the calculator on the ground.

Solar Cell and Built-In Battery

This includes a solar cell that gives you the power you need whenever you have enough light.

As an example, it’s a built-in battery that should last for ages.

It helps that it’s a Vehicle Off function that conserves electricity if you forget to turn it away.

Once the battery runs out after 3 years or so, you can then just purchase another calculator this cheap.

Legal Use

You can use this instead of a graphing calculator, because many tests don’t permit graphing functions.

It’s okay to use for SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

Ease of Use

With the color-coded keys, it is easy enough to quickly locate the keys you’re searching for.

The keys are made of hard plastic, and you know when you’ve pushed a button .

The non-skid rubber feet also let you just lay this on a table as you work, as it will not move in place.

Possibly the sole real issue here is that some crucial colours (especially the silver ones) aren’t always easy to see when you’re working outdoors.

Pros & Cons

  • Plastic Waterproof cover provides good protection
  • Being little, easy to transport, and use
  • Acid-free newspaper, so it’s lasting
  • Made of 100% recyclable paper
  • Some might not enjoy transparent cover
  • May have ghosting with some pencil types

2. TI-Nspire CX II Color Graphing Calculator with Student Software

“Excellent Graphing Calculator”

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This has plenty of fans calling it the ideal calculator for their money, and it’s not tough to see their purpose.

It’s numerous innovative features that with this calculator, you are able to pass many of your math subjects.

Functions and Features

This comes with a very fast chip, which is necessary because the calculator can be used for several complex equations.

This can handle integrals and derivatives, analyze stat information and supply graphing functions, with tick-mark tags for each axis.

The charts can appear in different colours so you can differentiate them, and you’ve got different graphing styles available too.

You even get 3D graphing, plus use TI-Basic to plan your own functions.

The only drawback here is that using the advanced features, you need time to become really acquainted with the available functions.

You may want to download the guide for this, and watch several online videos showing how to use this properly.

Large Screen

The screen is rather large, with a diagonal of 3.5 inches.

You’ve got a wonderful 125-dpi resolution, together with 16-bit color (which really means you have trillions of colors to use).


This is thin at 6/10 of an inch, with all dimensions of 7.5 by 3.4 inches.

It weighs just 13.6 ounces.

You can probably just put this on your shirt pocket.

The only issue is that it does not feel strong, and you may choose to acquire an optional padded case for this.

This comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which you don’t really need to recharge too frequently.

A full charge is enough for as many as two weeks of constant use in college.

The menu-driven navigation makes it easy to use, with program icons and color-coded tabs on screen to help.

The touchpad also allows you to work more readily.

In addition, the switches”click” each time you press on them so you don’t have to be concerned whether you clicked a key or not.

Pros & Cons

  • 15 different colors for graphs
  • 6 different chart styles
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Might be damaged by falling
  • Needs the time to learn
  • Too advanced for certain exams

3. Helect Calculator, Standard Function Desktop Calculator

“For Home and Business Use”

Check On Amazon

You might not believe that you don’t need the best fundamental calculator in these days of smartphones.

But if you tend to use the calculator app in your smartphone each single day, you’re better off just getting this calculator rather.

For Managing Finance

This will let you do the 4 basic math operations using a lot more ease than your smartphone.

Also, this has particular functions such as tax functions, calculating for profit margins, and currency conversions.

For this, you’re able to deal with your business or home financing a lot better.

Angled Screen with 12 Digits

This calculator is meant to be laid flat on your desk.

It won’t move in position as it has an anti-slip mat.

The screen is angled so you’re ready to view it directly and obviously.

You’ve got 12 digits on screen, and they’re bigger than usual so you won’t make mistakes reading the amounts.

These amounts have commas on top to easily denote millions and thousands.

Large Buttons

The larger buttons make this a joy to use, since you won’t have to manage mistakes such as pressing the wrong buttons.

You’ve got useful added buttons such as the”00″ key, plus the”+” and”=” keys are somewhat bigger.

Comparatively compact

This may not be easy to pocket, because the angled display means that the calculator is not totally flat.

Solar-Powered with Single AA Battery

This really is a stainless steel, but you need a single AA battery as backup.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to see figures
  • Big easy to see buttons
  • Larger buttons for often-used keys
  • Compact
  • The guide isn’t really helpful
  • Solar power just effective in a bright room

4. Sharp EL-1801V Portable 12-Digit 2-Color Serial Printing Calculator

“The Business Calculator You Need”

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This really is one of the most popular printing calculators round.

It’s fantastic for workplace and to help you run your small business.

It might also be the best bookkeeping calculator in this price range.

Excellent for Business

You can readily get the averages of many prices, too.

Some keys let you deal quickly with tax problems, and you can round off figures in any fashion.

This has the shift attribute that quickly provides you the change as soon as you input the cost and the money that you get.

After all that, you can print in 2 colours, as positive numbers could be printed in black and negative characters in red.

This prints out quickly, with a rate of 2 lines per minute.

Angled Display with Fluorescent Numbers

The angled display shows you a basic dark screen with fluorescent numbers.

The digits are large so they’re easy to browse, and you have handy commas to denote thousands and thousands.

The elevated buttons are large and quite easy to use with your hands.

The generally used”+” key is particularly large, and there is a suitable”00″ key also.

Other keys provide quick use of the special functions.

Pros & Cons

  • Fast printing, with 2 colors
  • Angled and easy to read display
  • Lots of business functions
  • Bigger than other calculators
  • Takes time to learn to use it optimally

5. Calculated Industries 4095 Pipe Trades Pro

“Must-Have Tool for Piping”

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You know how some online calculators provide technical functions like calculating for BMI?
This one offers specialized functions for those who cope with pipe layouts.

If you are a student who studies Math for Plumbing, this tool really can get up your grades.

For Pipes and Pipe Fitting

This enables you to enter data and then calculate whatever you need.

These may be the right flow levels, angles for springs, pipes, fitting angles, and parallel pipe cutbacks.

This handheld calculator basically does everything that you need for complex pipe runs.

You’re unable to enter data in decimals or in fractions, and it could quickly do metric unit conversions.

The built in pipe info includes 7 different pipe materials and types and it will define velocity, flow rates, force, and volumes.

You’ll even know of this pressure reduction for virtually any pipe type, size, or space.

Robust Design

That is a robust instrument, with a very rugged case.

It’s resistant to dust, shock, and moisture.

It is also powered by 2 long-life batteries.

Pros & Cons

  • Easier to use than your smartphone
  • Offers all functions for pipework
  • Boosts productivity
  • A useful tool in job Website
  • Also Great for welders

  • Restricted to pipework
  • It may be overkill for pipes
  • Traditional screen difficult to learn first

Different Types of Calculators: Conclusion

If you don’t really use calculators often, then your smartphone calculator could be appropriate.

The dilemma is that if you’re likely to use a calculator frequently, you’ll be super-annoyed from the smartphone calculator, which is tedious to use.

What is even worse is that if you try to work fast with a smartphone calculator, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes.

Utilizing a good calculator with the right type of functions, attributes, and screen, you can perform the job properly.

Whether you need it to get math subjects, for business, or to get precise engineering function, the right type of calculator can save a lot of trouble.

Pick the right model among the different types of calculators, and you can rest easy knowing that your figures and computations are right on the money!

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