Best Luxury Pens In The World – 5 TOP Options

The best luxury pens from the world not merely look and feel fantastic, but they work like quality pens ought to.

Luxury fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and sometimes even rollerball pens are intended to look terrific, feel good in your hand, and beautifully transfer ink to paper.

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They make you feel proud of owning one and really transform the act of writing into an enjoyable adventure.

Luckily we love our pens and’ve discovered the best of the best in terms of design, design, comfort, and writing expertise.

But before we dive in, here’s some background information on different kinds of luxury pens and what to look for when deciding about the most suitable one.

Types of Luxury Pens

Affordable, run-of-the-mill pens are not as dependable, and they’re certainly less enjoyable to use.

So that you ought to start looking for the ideal luxury pen.

While shopping for the very expensive pen or the best luxury pens in the world, start by thinking about the type of luxury pen you desire.

There are basically 3 types of luxury pens to consider:

Luxury Fountain Pens

In fact, at any given time, the most expensive ink pen is generally a fountain pen, and for good reason.

Luxury fountain pens use fine nibs, a few of which are made from solid gold, and are perfect for creating fine lines.

They also contain inner reservoirs, refillable converters, and other sophisticated attributes.

Despite their timeless allure, many fountain pens, such as the Lamy Safari, are also available in ballpoint and rollerball variants.

Luxury Ballpoint Pens

Fountain pens aren’t the only option while looking for the very expensive pen or the best luxury pens in the world.

As it turns out, luxury ballpoint pens are nearly as common.


Well, for starters, they are simpler to use.

Even cheaper ballpoint options like the UniballSigno feature replaceable refills and suitable twist or click-top action.

This makes luxury ballpoints the perfect writing instrument for continuous doodlers and busy, on-the-go types.

Luxury Rollerball Pens

Although they are not as timeless and typically lack the attractiveness of traditional fountain pens, they are the perfect choice for fans of super smooth writing.

Much like ballpoints and some fountain pens, they also come with disposable refills.

Luxury rollerball pens typically have twist-on caps too.

Expensive Writing Pens — What to Consider

Now that you a bit about the many kinds of luxury pens on the market, it is time to think about materials, trim, finish, price, quality, and more.


One of the initial elements to consider when selecting a luxury pen, let alone among the best luxury pens from the world, is its substances.

While high-quality resins are a totally good indication of an expensive luxury pen, the inclusion of hard-worked materials such as ebonite, celluloid, or gold can also be significant.

Ebonite tough rubber has been used in the making of luxury pens for decades, and it’s featured in the building of several classic pens.

Meanwhile, high-quality celluloid is a specialized substance using a long history of being utilized with the most expensive ink pen manufacturers.

These days, pens with gold plated and even solid gold pens which epitomize luxury can be found at affordable rates.

Finish and Trim

With so many different luxury pens on the market, folks tend to look at the finish of a pen before anything else.

In the end, what good is an expensive luxury pen if it doesn’t look, well, luxury?

Whether you are interested in a luxury engraved metal pen or one made of exotics flakes and cubes, the finish should be of the highest possible quality.

If it’s a blueprint, it must align with the barrel and the cap when closed.

The finish should also be smooth to the touch with no burrs or rough edges, which you can check simply by running your palms together.

Additionally, while acrylic and celluloid finishes seem almost identical to the untrained eye, celluloid is quite a bit more lavish and requires additional involved production techniques.

Quality and Price

Expensive writing pens exude luxury and are designed to endure a lifetime.

Luxury fountain pens can cost anywhere from the mid-$100s for an entry-level pen up to $1,000 or more for an elite writing tool.

Beyond finish and materials, a luxury pen in this price range must fulfill certain other criteria.

Whether it comes with a light or heavy design, it ought to feel totally balanced in your hand and permit you to write effortlessly with perfect ink flow.

Finally, you want to strike the perfect balance of quality and price.

Below are just five luxury pens which manage to do exactly that.

Our TOP 5 Best Luxury Pens In The World

1. Cross Townsend Platinum-Plated Ballpoint Pen

best luxury pengs

“Very Popular and Impeccable Quality”

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Cross is known for producing some of the best luxury pens in the world.

While the Cross Bailey, Cross Century, and Century II are some of the pen maker’s best sellers, there is no denying that the luxury of this Cross Townsend.

Can it be the very expensive pen on the market?

No, but its intricate layout information and superior finishes let it shine in more ways than you.

Time-Honored Tradition

At Cross, making luxury pens isn’t a business strategy — it is a time-honored tradition.

The newest was founded over 168 decades ago and has been crafting premium writing tools longer than every other pen maker in the Western world.

The Cross Townsend is the culmination of Cross’s 100+ years of pursuing excellence.

An American Classic

A great deal of so-called”luxury” pens assert to elicit elegance and confidence, but the Townsend really delivers in this regard.

In fact, it’s been the pen of choice for hundreds of U.S. Presidents.

You could say it’s literally helped shape the long run.

How neat is that?

Quintessential Style

If you value individuality and timeless fashion, the Cross Townsend is the embodiment of both.

With the brand’s signature double ring as well, the resulting product is nothing short of luxurious.

Ballpoint Suggestion

The Cross Townsend features a ballpoint tip, which is one of the most popular suggestion technology.

Ink is dispersed through a little rotating carbide ball.

The ball freely rotates, allowing the ink to roll out at a smooth, continuous feed in the reservoir.

Having said that, two black fountain pen cartridges can be found as well, and you obtain an optional converter for even greater flexibility.

Pros & Cons

  • Classic sophistication
  • Writes super easily
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Pen cap can scuff barrel
  • Not the best value

2. Xezo Maestro Iridescent Black Mother of Pearl Fine Fountain Pen

best luxury pens for 2021

“Handcrafted Beauty and Excellence”

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This beautiful limited-edition pen is skillfully crafted of natural Tahitian black mother of pearl for a superbly luxurious, one-of-a-sort appearance.

Since it is limited in number, each one is individually numbered and contains hallmarked platinum-plated parts.

Using the Art Nouveau design, the natural contours and colors of this special mother of pearl material are fully showcased.

While it is not the most expensive ink pen in the world, this Xezo Maestro masterpiece is absolutely among the best.

Best of all, each pen is handmade and no two are precisely alike.

Iridescent Beauty

The Xezo Maestro Iridescent Black Mother of Pearl Pen takes inspiration from the magnificent gleam and luster of the character’s own mother of pearl.

Real Tahitian black mother of pearl is inlaid on the pen’s solid brass casing and has a clear lacquer finish that’s rich and glossy.

The tones of color on the pen really change in the lighting, and a few inlaid panels can include an enchanting kaleidoscope of colors.

The fittings are also made from solid brass and plated with pure. 999 platinum, providing the pen a truly polished and classy appearance.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, it’s without a doubt among the best luxury pens in the world.

Flexible Refill Options

The Xezo Maestro Iridescent Black Mother of Pearl series of pens can be found in fountain or rollerball versions.

However, most choose the fountain variety because of its appearance and added desirability.

Should you proceed with the fountain path, I recommend, you will receive four refillable ink cartridges.

It takes any typical European or International-sized refill cartridges.

Plus, due to the included converter, they are compatible with several varieties of bottled ink, such as ink from Parker, Waterman, Cross, Montblanc, Visconti, and much more.

That said, regardless of your selection of replacement inks, it writes as beautifully as it looks.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Xezo might not have the brand recognition of Montblanc, Cross, Parker, and other popular luxury pen makers, but the craftsmanship of their pens is top-notch.

Each luxury pen they make is handcrafted and awarded a quality control certificate before being gift boxed available.

Needless to say, Xezo is proud of their pens, and if you have one, you must be too.

Pros & Cons

  • Good equilibrium
  • Perfect ink flow
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Not Remarkably Popular

3. Xezo Maestro Paua Seashell Fountain Pen

best budget luxury pens

“One-of-a-Kind Design”

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Whenever it’s also a limited edition, somewhat top-heavy, and features a similar neater genius, it is definitely unique in its own ways.

Shimmering Seashells

The Xezo Maestro Paua Seashell Pen features a slimmer solid brass cone distinctively inlaid with glimmering Paua seashells to make a gorgeous mosaic.

Additionally, following the Art Nouveau design style, the natural contours and colors of the shell fabric are given the liberty to shine.

In fact, the absolutely polished pen glows in true iridescent shape as you write in the changing light, making it a worthy instrument for any Poet Laureate.


Like the pens in Xezo Maestro’s Black Mother of Pearl series, every one of the company’s equally beautiful Paua Seashell pens is handmade also.

This implies, every is unique and no two are alike.

Combined with their limited production, making they not only real person works of art but exceptionally collectible also.

That is right; if you were expecting to find any run-of-the-mill pen such as the Pilot HiTecc with this best luxury pen in the world list, think again.

Regrettably, the exceptional, handcrafted nature of each pen is also among the greatest drawbacks.

While it feels good and stable in your hand, the weight and balance of every pen differ, so that’s something to take into account.

18K Gold

It is not the very expensive pen in the world, so the fittings on this striking luxury pen are plated in 18K gold.

This includes the German-made fine-point nib and decorative hand-etched band.

Obviously, solid gold could be preferred, but for the price, you can’t expect much else.

Overall, the Xezo Maestro Paua Seashell Pen is a joy to Check at and compose with.

It is an ideal addition to any writer’s setting.

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful fountain pen
  • Outstanding fine-tip nib
  • Writing with it seems fantastic
  • Three-year guarantee
  • A bit top-heavy when submitted
  • Not great for larger hands

4. Waterman Personalized Hemisphere Rollerball & Ballpoint Pen Set

best luxury pens

“Good Quality and Strong Value”

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If you are searching for the best luxury pen writing collection, the Waterman Personalized Hemisphere Pen Set is well worth a look.

It’s a slender and elegant yet powerful writing instrument made to inspire and enhance the writing experience.

How so, you ask?

Let us find out:

Custom-Made Form

Waterman Hemisphere pens utilize a slick, custom-made form, permitting the pen to feel great in your hand, even 20 pages into an intense writing session.

It is perfectly balanced and feels solid when writing, that are just two things every luxury pen strives to attain but very few really achieves.

The pen’s kind is enhanced with its black lacquer finish and variety of 23K gold appointments.

Gold Accents

The Waterman Hemisphere pen is a stunning juxtaposition of shiny black lacquer and glistening yellow gold.

While its barrel is finished in a shiny black, other components like the broad ring, slim clip, and engraved nib are completed in high-quality 23K gold.

This gives the Waterman an indisputable appearance and feels of luxury equally in your hand and when viewed from throughout the room.

Nib Options

Instead of 1 pen, this Waterman Hemisphere Pen Collection comes with two pens and two completely different nibs: a rollerball and a ballpoint.

The rollerball pen offers effortless writing comfort and super smooth writing action.

Its ink color is black, also it comes with just one black ink refill.

The ballpoint pen, on the other hand, comes with blue ink and also a blue ink refill.

It won’t dry out like the rollerball and allows for increased flexibility concerning precision and smoothness.


Lots of individuals looking for the very expensive ink pen wish to be able to engrave it and put it in a personal touch.

If that sounds like you, then the Waterman Hemisphere Pen Set has you covered.

Both the rollerball and ballpoint pens contained in the set come with the free regular block or script engraving.

The personalized engraving is precision-cut into the barrel in lustrous gold.

You can have your name or any custom message engraved as long as it is 24 characters or less.


The engraving option alone makes the Waterman Hemisphere Personalized Pen Establish a fantastic gift idea.

But, the pen set comes in a timeless Waterman gift box, making it a fantastic present from top to bottom for any luxury pen aficionado.

Pros & Cons

  • Gold trim really stands out
  • Practically zero bleeding
  • Good Price
  • Great gift idea
  • Cap can be difficult at first
  • Perhaps not the flashiest pen around

5. Parker Sonnet 18K Gold Trim Fountain Pen

“Excellent Performance and Timeless Design”

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Parker is known for producing some of the best luxury pens in the world, along the organization’s Sonnet Fountain Pen is no exception.

Actually, though it may not be the most expensive pen on the market or even the very expensive Parker pen, it’s fairly difficult to critique.

I used it daily for a week hunting for flaws and constructive criticism, but I honestly couldn’t find much to criticize.


The Parker Sonnet features a black lacquer barrel and cap.

Both are embellished with 18K gold.

For example, the nib is strong gold, and this is astonishing considering that the pen’s sub price.

The clip can be completed in gold, and so is the tastefully branded ring at the bottom of the cap.

Unlike gimmicky space pens, the Sonnet’s design is both elegant and classic.

Cap Fit

This is where the Parker Sonnet really stands out.

While some expensive writing pens have”iffy” caps, the Sonnet’s cap stays posted with zero jiggles or wiggle room.

But it’s not difficult to take off and place back over the nib either.

Let me tell you, using it is a breath of fresh air.


Weighing in at under an ounce, the Parker Sonnet is just the right to get a fountain pen.

The world’s most expensive ink pen might be encrusted with diamonds and made of solid gold, but additionally, it is probably way too heavy to comfortably use.

The moderate weight of the lacquer pen makes it comfortable to use for extended writing sessions and provides it a well-balanced feel.

Not only does it look great, but it’s designed to be a workhorse and reduce unwanted fatigue as well.

Pros & Cons

  • Classic, classic design
  • Perfect amount of gold
  • Well-balanced
  • The cap stays nicely posted
  • Great writing performance
  • Prone to drying out
  • Might be too mild for some

Best Luxury Pens in the World – Final Thoughts

The best luxury pens are beautiful to check at and feel wonderful writing with.

When picking the perfect luxury pen for you, you should first consider if you prefer fountain, ballpoint, or rollerball writing tips.

From here, it really all depends on your personal needs and taste?

If you like exotic, brassy luxury pens, then perhaps go with a few of those Xezo maestros.

If you prefer understated elegance and sophistication, then the Parker Sonnet or Cross Townsend might be the right fit.

In any case, each of the pens above is one of the best luxury pens in the world, so each is a fantastic investment worth making.

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