Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands – Our TOP 5 Picks

If you’re a woman or a child, it makes perfect sense to decide on the best gaming mouse for small hands.

Even lots of guys do not have large hands, so that they will need to find the right size for their mouse for gaming.

If you’ve got small hands, the mouse controls and buttons might not be simple to press.

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Also, you end up in uncomfortable hand positions for hours, leading to hand cramps.

Fix the Problem!

The good thing is the best gaming mouse for small hands can fix that problem in a jiffy

These small gaming mice pair nicely with gaming keyboards for a real gaming experience.

In fact, together with the best mouse for small hands, you may even improve your work productivity as well.

What to Look For

So how do you know when you’ve discovered the best gaming mouse for small hands?

Here are some factors you Might Want to focus on:

Dimensions and Shape

Most gaming mice seem straight from a space battle

Some of them even have great LED lights.

But it’s important that the best gaming mouse for small hands isn’t too significant.

A suitable mouse for small hands ensures that you’re in a position to access the buttons without too much contorting.

Additionally, you have to have the ability to perform long hours without getting hand cramps.

Look for ergonomic designs and thumb rests.


Normally, this is about having more buttons than what you get at a standard mouse

Usually, that means buttons for dpi adjustment, in addition to extra buttons on the thumb side.


If you click on an enemy, you want to have that enemy expire.

You don’t want to miss, or worse struck an ally.

That means checking the tracking precision.

Wired or Wireless

The guideline for gamers is that you go with a wired mouse if you want a trustworthy mouse for gaming

The wired connection makes certain that you don’t get data transmission problems like lags.

At home, wireless gaming doesn’t create as much sense.

However, if you’re a continuous traveler then a wireless mouse gets more sense.

You just need to inspect the quality of the wireless link, and also the battery life.


You’ll want something which lasts for a good long while, even if you press the buttons hard and frequently

Search for buttons that may withstand millions of clicks.

Our TOP 5 Gaming Mouses For Small Hands

We understand what we’re looking for, let us check out our best choices.

1. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Best gaming mouse for small hands

“Sensors with Tough Responsive Switches”

In regards to gaming peripherals, there is no US brand which comes first before Razer.

That’s especially true with their perennially popular gaming mice.

But in case you’re trying to find the best gaming mouse for small hands, you also need to take a look at the DeathAdder Elite among the Razer DeathAdderlineup.

Here is the mouse to get small hands you want if you want to enjoy a huge array of gaming genre.

This Razer DeathAdder Elite is wired and meant solely for right-handed users, so you need something else if you’re a leftie or you want a wireless option.

Resolution Accuracy

This offers you 16,000 dpi, accurate tracking at 450 IPS, and a resolution accuracy of 99.
4 percent.

In plain English, you have the quickest detector you can have in a gaming mouse and that usually means you’ve got an utterly unbelievable targeting system.

Simply speaking, you put your cursor exactly where you want it to go.

This usually means you’re ready to click the right components you control on your game to visit the way you want.

If you’re wielding a weapon and identifying goals, you can immediately click on the poor guys that you want to kill, while avoiding friendly components.

Additionally, it helps the mouse has 2 large Teflon ft, which provides a quicker swipe speed.

7-Button Controls

It has 7 buttons, to which you can assign specialized functions through applications.

These include 2 small buttons just below the scroll wheel.

They’re put at just the ideal spot in the clasp so you don’t unintentionally press on them when you don’t want to.

You then also have the two buttons on the side, just right for your thumb to access.

Of course, you have the traditional left and right click buttons, but they have grooves so your fingers can unwind when put on them.

At the exact same time, the design lets you click on these buttons quickly once the game moves into ferocious activity.

Durable Buttons

These mechanical switches are all rated for up to 50 million clicks.

You can be very sure that the mouse will not let you down any time soon.

The scrolling wheel has different rubber tactile ridges to improve your grip and give you more control over the scrolling.


Let us begin with the dimensions of the DeathAdder Elite at just 5 inches in length, 2.
76 inches broad, and 1.73 inches high.

This weighs just 105 grams, which makes it well lightweight even for small hands.

It’s correctly contoured on either side, so that you have a thinner width that you’d want to your best mouse for small hands.

You won’t need to splay your hands to grasp the mouse securely.

There is a rubber side grip expressly designed as a rest spot for your thumb.

The matte plastic feels truly comfy and soft in your palm, and it does not get slipper despite sweaty palms.


You can go together with the spectrum cycling style, which permits you to check through all the colours.

Together with the customizable Chroma RGB lighting, you have 8 preset lighting profiles to play .

All in all, 16.8 million colors can be found here.

There is a reactive manner, which shows all the LEDs when you’re at the most furious areas of the game.

Pros & Cons

  • Unbelievably accurate
  • Comfy ergonomic design
  • Versatile for other uses (besides gaming)
  • Responsive and durable switches
  • Lots of customizable buttons
  • Annoying registration for mouse customization
  • Not for left-handed users
  • Inadvertent double clicking issues

2. Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best gaming mouse

“Durable and Versatile”

Most hardcore gamers tend to proceed with wired mice to make sure that they don’t need to deal with wireless connection issues.

But this wireless mouse from Logitech doesn’t have those issues, as it even calls itself a”lag-free” mouse.

Long Haul Comfort

This isn’t very large at all, which explains why it’s a mouse for small hands.

It steps 5.47 inches long, 3.27 inches wide, and 1.73 inches high.

The clasp was designed to fit your hands naturally, while the buttons have all been sculpted to proceed wherever your fingers are naturally put.

You even have a rest for your hands on the left side, though what’s perfect only if you are left-handed.

This has a staggering 11 buttons, so that you may have a bunch of complicated functions literally available at your fingertips.

These buttons feature 2 on the other hand for dpi shifting, and that means you are in a position to change though 5 dpi settings.

You can go with 2,500 dpi for quick maneuvers, or set it at 250 dpi to get in exactly the same pixel you want.

The location of those dpi switches is a bit further from your thumb and other fingers, so you don’t accidentally change the dpi settings while playing.

On-Board Memory

The good news is that your mouse has got the on-board memory to store your favorite gaming profiles.

That means you can use your mouse over almost any computer and have your controllers out there.


This is great for any traveling gamer, even when they may need to use another PC.

There’s no bothersome wire to handle.

The nano receiver functions flawlessly, and you also won’t have to manage any lag problems.

It works with Windows Vista around 10, Mac OS X 10.6.8, and afterward.

In Performance Mode, your battery lasts for up to 250 hours.

When you’re not gaming, you can switch to Endurance Mode and get 1440 hours of battery life.

Not bad for 2 AA batteries.

In reality, it is possible to take out one of the batteries and you may still get it to operate.

It may even work better, because you decrease the weight of the mouse by about 25 grams.

Nice Appears

While you don’t have the lights here that are inclined to excite hardcore gamers, you still receive a wonderful gaming design.

It still looks like a space ship that is assigned to safeguard the Death Star.

The plan is actually for comfort, and lots of kids regard it as the best gaming mouse for small hands.

You’ve got a mild here, but it is functional.

It is intended to tell you when your battery power is getting low.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfy to hold
  • Lots of buttons
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 20 million clicks
  • Quick dpi adjustment
  • User profile saved in memory
  • Works best on flat
  • dry surfaces
  • Manual isn’t very helpful
  • No gaming lights

3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

“Comfy Mouse for Small Hands”

When Logitech creates a mouse which looks like an average spaceship, you are aware that it’s for gaming.

That’s what’s, before you check out that Logitech blatantly calls this type of gaming mouse.

It’s also wired, with a 6-foot cable so that you won’t have to worry about lag or battery power.

11 Buttons

Modern games nowadays aren’t as straightforward as Space Invaders or Pac-man.

You’ve got characters in fantasy games using a very long list of special attacks and moves.

This is why you’ll appreciate having 11 buttons out there.

You can now assign special moves to every one of these buttons so you can quickly react with the proper relocation for any dangerous situation.

These buttons offer you the ability to change dpi settings on the fly.

Truth Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel lets you lock it down for only click accuracy, with ridges on the wheel to give you better control.

That is crucial once you’re using it to scroll to pick the ideal weapon to use on a monster supervisor.

But should you unlock it, you can spin through long pages more quickly, once you’re really working instead of gaming.

Outstanding Tracking Truth

You do not have acceleration issues here, so your cursor travels only as fast as your hands move with the mouse.

There is no smoothing either, so that this mouse does not assume that you want a direct line when you try to draw a subtle curve with your mouse.

Basically, your cursor in the game will respond precisely as your hands move using the mouse.

The lighting here may be customized also.

In fact, you can even customize the weight and balance of the mouse itself.

You have 3.8gram weights you can place here and there to provide you the comfortable configuration you want for your hand.

The entire mouse is designed to match your small hands well, with the thumb rest comprised as well.

The buttons here come with mechanical switches, and they are rated for 20 million clicks.

Additionally, it uses a braided cable, with cable and hook tie for superior cable management.

Pros & Cons

  • Tracks very well
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight balance customization
  • Long cable with protection
  • Tough yet sensitive
  • Scroll wheel color fades over time
  • The scroll wheel makes a bit of noise
  • Scroll wheel is metal

4. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

“Trustworthy Gaming Mouse”

Yes, it is another Logitech.

The matter is, this brand does offer a lot of great candidates to receive the best gaming mouse for small hands.

This one appears meant more for MMO games, but it is great for gaming in general.

Built to Last

The buttons in this MMO gaming mouse are meant to work well even after a long time of rapid and furious clicking.

The key buttons are intended to last for 20 million clicks.

The braided USB cable is super-durable.


So what if you have small hands?

The entire issue is design to nestle nicely in mind , even with hours of gameplay.

Each button was created to minimize click exhaustion, yet they were set to reduce accidental clicking.

Now that’s a great deal of buttons, which usually means you’re able to set in a lot of your favorite moves with a single click.

It’s not every day when you examine the thumb side of a mouse and watch 12 buttons in impeccable array.

All these are organized in 2 sets of 6 buttons, and they are all carefully placed to minimize errors with clicks.

Add 3 chief buttons, preconfigured buttons for shifting dpi settings and user profiles, along with a scroll wheel which also tilts.


Your best bet is to download the Logitech Gaming Software for a vast assortment of customization adjustments.

Using the program, you can correct the monitoring, set functions for the buttons, and even pick lighting profiles.

What is great is that the mouse onboard memory can save 3 profiles, so you’re in a position to pick a particular profile for a specific game straight away.

You may even set a specific lighting color profile for every user , so you know which style you’re in immediately.

Pros & Cons

  • 20 buttons
  • Lots of available tweaking
  • Great for work macros
  • Built for comfort
  • Durable
  • A bit heavy at 133 grams
  • Buttons are too close together
  • Not really that small

5. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click, Breathing Backlit

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click, Breathing Backlit

“Great for Casual Gamers”

This brand isn’t actually as renowned as the others, but this particular version is particularly common.

Maybe it’s because you get most (if not all) that the features you find in another candidates for the best gaming mouse for small hands.

It’s only that with this, you won’t need to pay just as much.

The small you pay with will give you a great deal of bang for your buck.

This is not a wired mouse, but it’s for gaming nonetheless.

In reality, some people get this affordable wireless gaming mouse just for travel.

The link is stable, you still find exact tracking, and the information transmission is rather fast.

You do not have dropouts, delays, and other interference problems that could kill your character in the game.

Design Characteristics

Yes, it’s another mouse that appears directly from a sci-fi movie.

You have your usual scroll wheel with left and right click buttons, but this time the scroll wheel has different ridges that give you greater control.

In the left side over the thumb rest, you have 2 additional buttons for added purposes.

They’re also useful for internet navigation, because they are meant for back and forward navigation.

The main buttons here are intended for 5 million clicks, which isn’t bad.

After all, this is meant for casual players, really.

When you become severe on your gaming, you might want to upgrade.

This will most likely happen way before you achieve 5 million clicks.

The wonderful thing about the mouse is that clicking the right and left buttons do not make a great deal of sound.

That means you won’t bother your sleeping dormmate when you are trying to get some gaming at night.

Energy Saving

This has a power-saving mode, together with auto-sleep.

It turns itself off for those who do not use it for 2 minutes.

All in all, your battery lasts for an entire calendar year.

Comfy Design

The ergonomic design is meant for extended hours of gameplay, and not just so it looks like a spaceship.

It is not too big either, which explains why it’s a mouse for small hands.

With the right curves on the side, your hands are put naturally and you will not have cramps afterwards.

Pros & Cons

  • 5 dpi settings
  • The battery lasts a long while
  • Quiet clicks
  • Simple to use
  • Not too many buttons
  • Thumb buttons make a bit of noise
  • Not so durable

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands: Conclusion

It may truly be bothersome when you’re enjoying your sport and your mouse is not geared to your tiny hand.

It’s simply amazing sometimes to discover that a mouse for small hands may make such a massive difference.

In reality, obtaining the best mouse for small hands makes both work gameplay and functions easier.

It is just that we will need to set our priorities straight–gaming simply is much more important.

It’s true that a mouse can make your task easier.

However, the best gaming mouse for small hands may keep your character alive–and that’s literally a matter of life and death!

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