Beats On Ear vs Over Ear – 5 TOP Picks

Ask a number of those younger music fans about what headphones to purchase and they will likely suggest you select among Beats On Ear vs Over Ear headphones.

Beats headphones are simply cool right now, and they’ve been the”trendiest” among the headphone brands for many years.

So that it’s easy to comprehend why you’d want to decide on the Beats brandnew.

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Over Ear or On Ear

What’s not so simple is picking involving Beats Over Ear vs On Ear headphones.

That’s particularly true when you are not even sure what the differences are between these kinds of headphones.

You will also understand why there isn’t really a great deal of debate between Beats In Ear vs Over Ear headphones.

You can also check out our top selections, so which you can get right on enjoying your music in the manner in which that you like.

Why Beats?

Beats headphones are all the rage for at least a decade now, and there are lots of reasons for this popularity.

Designed by Dr. Dre

The primary reason is that this was created by the famed Dr. Dre.

That made the Beats brand automatically cool.

After all, if it’s created by a famous rapper, then it has to be useful.

Good Marketing

Another reason is that other cool individuals quickly took to the brand.

The Beats marketing individuals have carefully chosen spokespersons that younger music fans respected and enjoyed.

These comprised sports heroes like Lebron James.

They Introduced Fashion to Headphones

What made Beats headphones different is they emphasized the style aspect of headphones.

Prior to the coming of Beats, the widespread notion was that headphones were merely practical tools.

But Beats flipped these adorable pieces of equipment into stylish and trendy wearable tech.

These headphones had unique layouts with splashy colors, and users integrated the appearance with their general fashion style.

Occasionally users would just have those headphones hanging in their necks instead of above their ears, only for the appearance it’d bring.

Powerful Bass

Finally, the sound quality of the Beats headphones is markedly distinct from the typical headphones that audiophiles went for.

It did not faithfully replicate the sound of their music (“as the artist intended,” as the purists might say).

Rather, it really gave off a rather powerful bass.

This strong bass sound goes very well with the hip music that the young fans were mostly listening to.

This made these headphones the de facto”trendy” headphones for trendy music, regardless of where you stand in the Beats Over Ear vs On Ear issue.

Spotting the Uncool Fakes

One of the main problems with the Beats popularity is that you’ll find lots of counterfeits being marketed, even online.

Actually, most of the negative complaints about many of these Beats headphones complain that they didn’t get an authentic item.

So look for an authorized seller and make sure you register your own headset.

Low Costs are Suspicious

Avoid”genuine” Beats headphones that have a low cost.

That is not going to happen, because the large cost adds to the”snobbish” cool factor of Beats.

Also, be suspicious if you’re offered a lower cost if you purchase more than 1 pair of Beats by a vendor.

The authorized retailers will not do this sort of thing.

Bad Packaging

This is just another sign that you might have received a fake Beats.

Be very wary when the packaging is faded, damaged, or cheap.

If you find misspelled words about the tagging, that’s another positive indication that this is not genuine.

The shrink wrap around the outside will never seem unprofessional or loose.


The actual Beats headphones will come in their appropriate boxes, regardless of which you pick between Beats On Ear vs On Ear.

It will also come with a proper guide, together with warranty documentation.

The absence of some of them is a terrible signal.

Why Not In Ear?

With so much discussion about Beats On Ear vs Over Ear headphones, why will there be exactly the same type of chatter within in-ear headphone models?

These in-ear headphones are also called earbuds, and they are intended to go from the ear canal.

The sound may be nice, and these earbuds are often simpler to bring along.

They can even fit in your pocket, and that is exactly why some pick this type when picking between Beats In Ear vs Over Ear.

Not Comfortable for Extended Wear

But because those are meant to go in the ear, they can be uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.

They don’t really offer a very comfortable fit.

If you would like to listen to music for hours and hours, then this is not the ideal pick in the Beats In Ear vs Over Ear contrast.

Can be Lost or Tangled

In addition, should you go with the wireless earbuds then you can easily lose them.

With the wired models, you wind up wasting time always attempting to untangle the cables.

Not Suitable for Sharing

The simple fact that these in-ear headphones go into the ear canal doesn’t support lending the earbuds to allow other people to hear the music.

There is a certain”icky” factor that is difficult to ignore.

So if you like sharing your music, then that isn’t the ideal option either at the Beats In Ear vs Over Ear matchup.

The sound might also suffer, because the drivers are somewhat smaller.

Finally, earbuds are small and discreet, and that’s not really the point of Beats.

You proceed with Beats for the fashion statement, and you also desire the bigger models with all the vivid colors.

Why Move with On Ear?

When you are mulling the advantages and disadvantages of each type in the Beats On Ear vs Over Ear showdown, then you have to comprehend how each works.

Quicker and Lightweight

The on-ear headphones are somewhat smaller, and they’re meant to rest on your ears.

The size and lighter weight make it simpler for you to carry it about.

Does Not Block Ambient Noise

It will not cover the ears entirely, so you are still able to hear ambient noise.

That can be a good thing, especially if you’re wearing this outdoors.

You will be able to hear the sounds of incoming visitors and the blare of car horns.

Inside, this lets you hear coworkers (like your boss) that want a word with you.

No Burning Ears

The ear cup also does not fall over your ears, so you are not likely to suffer from”burning ears” with prolonged use.

Some say that this model can cause your ears to damage more quickly, but some of the headphones have attributes to minimize this issue.

Why Go with Over Ear?

This type of earphone falls over your ears.

As it doesn’t directly push the ear, you’re more inclined to utilize it for a longer period before your ears ache.

Here is the kind you get when you want to listen to music for extended periods of time.

The headphones also cover the ears completely, so it’s more effective in shutting out the ambient noise.

Of course, these are bigger and therefore may not be as simple to fit within your bag.

Additionally, as it covers your ears you are very likely to suffer from”burning ears” more quickly.

Our TOP 5 Beats On Ear vs Over Ear

We’ve covered both kinds in the Beats On Ear vs Over Ear debate, so it’s possible to find one which suits your needs.

1. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones (Previous Model)

Beats On Ear vs Over Ear

“Doesn’t Compromise on Quality”

Check On Amazon

Those who like and dislike that the Beats headphones have frequently remarked this brand and Apple are extremely similar.

Beats has adopted this contrast, so it isn’t surprising that this model sports Apple technology with all the W1 chips.


It comes in 10 different colours, which provides you plenty of style options.

These include 3 shades of gold and two colors of silver, along with either gloss or gloss black.

That is also foldable, so it is much less difficult to bring with you.


While other on-ear wireless headphones may have trouble working seamlessly with Apple apparatus, this one will not give you trouble.

In fact, pairing this with almost any Bluetooth device will be positively painless.

Battery Power

The battery here can offer up to 40 hours of listening pleasure.

This implies you don’t need to recharge your battery too often.

In fact, for some people this might just need recharging once weekly.

What is great about this battery is that you enjoy the Fast Fuel recharging feature.

If your battery power goes low, it’s possible to just recharge this for only 5 minutes.

That’s enough time to provide you up to 3 hours of music.


It has built-in controls so that you won’t have to reach for your smartphone to adjust your settings.

It’s possible to take calls because it’s a built-in mic.

Also, you’re ready to talk to Siri with no difficulties.


The bass is here, just like in any other headset at the Beats In Ear vs Over Ear debate.

It is only that this time the sound is quite balanced.

You have fine highs and mids, and you receive good spatial separation.

This is a great choice if you’re a rock fan.


This includes fine leather pads that feel very comfy.

The stability of the clamp is right, as it’s not overly tight.

However, it’s tight enough for you to keep it on when you are moving about.

Pros & Cons

  • 3 hours 5-minute charge
  • Just enough tightness
  • Great bass
  • lightweight
  • Heats up your ears immediately
  • A Lot of plastic
  • Not quite durable

2. Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

Beats On Ear vs Over Ear

“Great-Looking Headphones with ANC”

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It does heat up your ears quickly, so you want to bring it off every six or so.

Do you wish to pick headphones one of the Beats On Ear vs On Ear which can enable you to handle a noisy workplace?

Then this is the baby.

These noise-canceling headphones may mute ambient noise, and make you look cool as well.

Noise Cancelling

This works, however, do not expect it to work as if you have blocked your ear canal completely.

The Actual ANC actively blocks ambient noise, so that the noisy air conditioner, as well as the endless chatter of the people around you, are significantly muted.

This is especially effective if you’re using it in combination with your music.

Built-In Controls

This also comes with built-in controllers, and the buttons are easy to discover.

One nice characteristic of these buttons is that you just get a satisfying click sound each time you press on a button.

This stops you from wondering whether you really pressed a button not.


The rechargeable battery gives you 22 hours, that is sufficient for most people.

It means you won’t have to recharge every day.

Also, you get the Fast Fuel feature here.

Great General Sound Quality

The anticipated Beats bass is here, but you get fine, crisp guitar sounds and vocals.

But it is just fine if you are listening to music with lots of playing.

You might find better-sounding headphones if you are a Beethoven fan.

Sounds Great

Many say that among the Beats Over Ear vs On Ear headphones, this is one of the best-looking.

The layout appears strong and”real”, while you get 10 colour options to pick from.


It’s the Apply W1 chip together with the dependable Bluetooth link you want.

The range is terrific since it’s still possible to remain connected even if you’re a hundred feet from your cell phone.

That’s with walls in between!

Pairing is extremely easy, and you don’t get lags when you are watching YouTube videos.

Pros & Cons

  • Buttons click when pressed on
  • Extremely Simple Bluetooth pairing
  • Extended Bluetooth range
  • Looks fantastic
  • Ear exhaustion following an hour
  • Not comfortable for bigger ears

3. Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones

Beats On Ear vs Over Ear

“Affordable Wired Beats Headphones”

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Do not ever want to be worried about battery life when it comes to choosing between Beats Over-Ear vs Ear headphones?

If so, you might choose to consider this wired option.

Many others that complain about Beats prices also enjoy this model, since this is the brand’s most affordable headphone.

That does not mean it’s bad–actually, it features a whole lot of value for the money.

Looks Good with Sudden Aux Cable

This looks great, since it is Beats.

The aux cable is also built-in, and it is not removable.

Works Better with iPhone

This functions really well with iPhones, though not so much with Android apparatus.

This has a built-in mic which enables you to make calls.

Using Android apparatus, the inline controls might not work though you can still make calls.

Decent Comfort

That is comfortable enough, with decent amounts of cushioning.

It will fit snugly on your head, particularly with bigger heads.

When you have a very major head, this may not be for you.

Clean and Balanced Sound

It has the characteristic bass, but it’s not overpowering.

The sound is clean and balanced, with really fine grained detail.

Pros & Cons

  • Comparatively Inexpensive
  • Works well with your iPhone
  • Great balanced sound
  • Not as comfy for bigger heads
  • Does not work well with Android
  • Wired

4. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones (Latest Model)

Beats On Ear vs Over Ear

“Same Solo3 with New Looks”

Check On Amazon

We will not rehash the technical aspects here, because we have already covered this at the very first review on this list.

Why put this model here again?

Mainly, it’s to highlight the fashion aspect of Beats.

The Characteristics

This newest model includes new colors, and that’s important to a lot of trendy Beats fans.

Still you have all the principal features here which have made the Solo3 popular.

You’ve got terrific Bluetooth connectivity, which can extend for greater distances.

So why buy another one?

Well, it’s like getting a new pair of sneakers you get a brand new one for the appearance.

Besides, if your elderly Solo3 is looking ragged, then you owe yourself a fresh Solo3 headphone.

Pros & Cons

  • Great new colors
  • Great sound with terrific bass
  • Total charge offers 40 hours
  • 5 minutes of recharging gives 3 hours
  • Lightweight
  • A Lot of plastic
  • Heats up ears quickly

5. Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – The Beats Skyline Collection

Beats On Ear vs Over Ear

“Reliable Tech with Luxurious Colors”

Check On Amazon

Once more we have the Studio3, and that was the next review on the listing.

It is listed again since this time you’ve got the Beats Skyline Collection.

New Colors

At this point you become new colors offering a very luxurious appearance to the Studio3.

These colors make the older colours look drab and dull compared.

These new colors offer you a more luxurious look, as every one has golden accents.

You get a nice expensive vibe, without going over the top with all the bling.

Same Tech

The technology here is exactly the same, so that you get excellent tech.

Here you get 22 hours of music, using a 10-minute quick Fuel charge offering 3 hours of playback.

More importantly, it offers the Pure ANC attribute which dissipates ambient noise consciously.

You should be able to enjoy your music more, as this mutes out the chatter of your own office mates and the hum of the air conditioner.

Pros & Cons

  • Great new looks
  • Really easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Terrific sound
  • Sound isn’t perfect with classical music
  • Isn’t very comfy for long

Beats On Ear vs Over Ear: Conclusion

Before purchasing either type when attempting to select among Beats Over-Ear vs Ear, you have to be sure that you’re getting the genuine article.

Even if you’re sure, however, it’s not always easy to pick between the Beats On Ear vs Over Ear models.

The principal difficulty here is that many of the factors you want to think about are extremely subjective.

You may have your own thoughts on what seems trendy, what sounds great, and what seems comfortable.

Whatever you decide with all the Beats On Ear vs Over Ear problem, you can’t go wrong–it is always about what you like in the end!

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